Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Debunking detoxing

At last! The British Dietic Association has rubbished the very popular and fashionable concept of de-toxing. They claim that de-toxing is nothing more than a marketing myth and a complete waste of time and money, and that a simple glass of tap water will have the same effect.
I have always viewed anyone that partook in such a stupid, pointless and extremely restrictive fad as being either gullible, into self-denial or in need of a biology lesson. I once had a friend who had spent about £30 on some naturally extracted, seaweed-infused, gingko based, batwing flavoured, blind-worm’s sting essence, believing that it would flush out all her free radicals and toxins, leaving her innards fresh and pure. I told her that she should have saved her money – what on earth did she think her liver and kidneys were for?
I am hoping that the British Dietic Association will go one further and call all the self-appointed experts and dubious opportunists who are making millions out of this quackery to account. Yes – I’m talking about you Carol Vorderman. Is there any field that that woman doesn’t claim to be an expert in? Even Su Doku isn’t safe from her bid for world domination I can’t even look at a 9x9 grid any more without seeing her smug, over-painted face!
As much as I’d like, I can’t just lay the blame at Carol Vorderman’s door, however. I just logged on to Amazon and there appears to be nearly 30,000 diet-related books listed. Everyone’s at it – from celebrities to doctors and back to celebrities again. Everyone’s making a mint out of people’s desire to be slim.
The solution to losing weight is so, so, simple – it can be written on a postage stamp. Literally. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly: Just seven words that, if followed, will show positive results. Nobody needs to go out and buy a diet book or talk about glycaemic indices ever again! Nobody has to drink wheatgrass juice and no-one has to buy Slim-fast bars ever, ever again.
What a blessed relief!
While the answer to a long-term healthy weight is easy, I seriously struggle when it comes to finding out why we still continue to be conned to the tune of billions by celebrity-endorsed diets and food fads.

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